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Life Narrative Mentorship (LNM) is a method for improving personal understanding towards a more purposeful and fulfilled life. The idea grew out of my years of life-interview work. (See PI)


It uses the filmed interview as the basis for a conversation about your life, allowing you to review your assumptions and refresh your worldview—that all-important framework that guides our lives and actions.


The objective is to refine and update your ideas so they align with who you are today and your expectations for the future. As you observe your own life from this decentered perspective, you become its editor. 


LNM is based on a finite number of 8-10 sessions. It is not therapy, but rather an emotional and philosophical review to allow you to engage more clearly in the world. 


The philosophical basis for this work is as old and sound as the ideas that the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, used to guide his life some two thousand years ago. He recognized that very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within ourselves and in our way of thinking. In short, our life is what our thoughts make it. 

Life Narrative Mentorship

Mentorship and Second Acts - ​ ​​​Not Quite Satisfied


My life/career coaching is based on my successes, failures, victories and disappointments. I am no seer, nor do I use my experience as a perch for offering advice. I hate advice, I really do. Besides, I am involved in a number of new ventures myself, which in some ways puts me in a similar position as my clients. Humility is the best departure point for any new adventure.


What I can offer are thoughtfulness and questions. I can help you inventory your strengths and abilities, be clear about your goals and how you might specifically achieve them. I can also help you reinvent yourself ( if that’s the place you are in your life right now ), so you can go in interesting, new directions. I have done it numerous times myself.


Above all else, I can encourage you to develop a strong philosophical framework for your life, incorporating your values and the contribution you want to make to the world. 


The sessions are done on Zoom. 



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