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Public Speaking


Memoir and Legacy
In this series, I emphasize the importance for each of us to tell our life story and digitally record it for future generations. To explore the concept of memoir, I reference the challenge of writing of my own memoir and eight years of compiling and conducting filmed interviews of people from all walks of life.  



Not Quite Satisfied
Not Quite Satisfied is an inspirational speaking series designed for corporate and institutional audiences. Too often we are defined by the title of our profession. Hence the common question: “What do you do”? But we are clearly not only what we do. It is our rich and multifaceted life that defines who we are. The content of Not Quite Satisfied encourages audiences to recognize and celebrate the full definition of their identity, and how to integrated it with their work to achieve greater satisfaction and productivity.


6 1/2 Principles of Life
What is a life well lived in our 21st century? How might our answer today differ from the Greek philosophers, who posited the same question some 2,500 years ago? I offer my audience my six and a half principles for a rich and satisfying life. But they’re only my principles. I open up the discussion to my audiences and invite them to offer their own. The enrollment number for this session is limited to 10-20 so as to ensure a lively and intimate exchange of ideas. 

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