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Latest Project

America is divided. The strength and health of our democracy is at stake.


​We, the people, are barely listening to each other. This started well before lockdowns and isolation separated us.  We are defining ourselves by our differences and not by what we have in common.


Yet, at the same time, there is something remarkable happening in America. We are taking stock of ourselves. We are in a rare period of self-reflection, as we struggle with competing visions for America. 


Many Americans are looking at their country with fresh eyes. Men and women of differing views and multiple backgrounds are coming together to defend our democracy. Their mantra is country over party. Their vision is to unite America. 


Through our foundation, I want to encourage this important movement.


Linley Foundation (“Linley”) is an international, nonprofit incorporated in Vermont. 

We are neither political nor partisan. Our mission is educational and humanistic. We help people and communities to flourish.


We believe America has been handed a rare opportunity. As a people, we are engaged as never before. Our last election broke records in voter participation. We must take advantage of this passion by reimagining what America might become. An America that works for everybody.


So this is what Linley is doing. We are providing a platform for Americans to hear each other out. We have gone directly to the American people to ask them what they want for their country. Our initiative is called “The America I want is…”. 

We are asking Americans to send us a 30-second video on their cell phones, telling us what they want for their country.


We will use these video submissions as a springboard for further discussions. We will post them on our channel and put into motion a great virtual conversation about the America we all want. This will include follow-up interviews, live-streaming discussions, and our American Themes interview series.


So we invite you to participate. Your voice is important to us. Go to, see what others have said, and send us your video.

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