My one-on-one interviews had a serendipitous beginning. When I told people I was writing a memoir, they often wanted to write one too, but knew they would never get around to it. What a loss, I thought, of so much opportunity to learn from the lives of others. So I created the Portrait Interview (PI).

PI is a form of memoir—your personal way of looking back and understanding the events of your life. “We live our life forward, we understand it backward,” the Danish philosopher, Kierkegaard, astutely wrote. 

But PI is also a legacy for those who will want to know more about you in the future, because you are a link in the chain that has led to them. To know something of your life will help them better understand their own. In that sense, PI is about you but not for you.

PI comprises of two informal, filmed conversations in which I take you through the journey of your life. We talk about your stories, your values, your hard-earned truths, your version of things, in your own voice with all your expressiveness. Think of it as a personal, private conversation that is at once serious, humorous and fun. The interviews are professionally edited and include photographs and music. The result is a rich personal portrait and a legacy for future generations.




I have been working for some years on the details of a trust fund for my children. I did a Portrait interview so that I could leave something of myself behind —besides money—so that future generations could know me as the individual I am.

I have always hated being in front of a camera,  and I don't consider myself particularly articulate. But David's intelligence and calm skill made me quickly forget the camera was there. I loved the results. It was a new experience for me to see myself as others see me. I remember thinking to myself that’s quite a life you're leading.

The final result of my interview was a beautifully edited compilation of who I am,
including my experiences, my values, and philosophy. It was a rewarding and emotional experience, but pleasantly emotional. I plan to do a follow-up interview in the year's to come.        

The above testimonials have been provided to us by our clients. To protect their privacy, we are identifying them only by their initials.