DAVID ADAMS was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in Brazil and received his secondary and university education in Europe. In 1967, he graduated with a BA in Portuguese and French literature from King's College, London. He received an MA in English literature from the University of Massachusetts, where he took a position as lecturer in19th-century Portuguese literature.

David left academia to found the Linley Group, Inc., an advertising / consulting company in Boston with a  later focus on the commercial real estate industry.Ten years later, he became founder and CEO of the Linley Companies, Inc., an international real estate consulting practice for Latin American investments.

In 2007, David co-founded the Linley Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in education, environmental and animal-rights projects in Brazil's northeast. In 2010, he began his C-suite leadership initiative, based on personal interviews(PI) and executive team interaction.

David has pursued a range of eclectic interests, including flying, skydiving and horseback riding. He was an enthusiastic tennis and squash player and marathon runner. He is married to the Brazilian artist, Maria Lucia Ferreira, and has two step-children. He divides his time between Vermont, Brazil and Europe. David is currently writing a memoir.

Executive Editor

​Maria Lucia is a painter, therapist and film editor.    

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
She graduated from Escola de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo with a degree in Fine Arts.

She exhibited her  work  in Sao Paulo, during which time she also studied psychology and art therapy. She worked as a private art teacher until the year 2000, when she moved to the United States.

While in the US, she has explored different media, including film and editing.
Her work with PI, LLC, allows her to combine her art and film editing skills with her interest in people’s life stories.

Maria Lucia is the co-founder and the Executive Director at  Linley Foundation
Strategic Adviser

Jim is a painter, writer, editor and translator. 

He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and studied history, political economy and philosophy at the University of Toronto. 

Following his studies, he worked in think tanks, government and the private sector. 

In his early thirties, Jim decided to dedicate his life to painting and writing, passions he has since pursued in a number of countries, alongside his work as a freelance editor and translator. 

He has lived in a number of countries, and today makes his home in a hamlet in France. 

Jim has exhibited his paintings in several European countries and recently published a book of his writings, entitled Epigrams—his work can be seen at  www.EpigramIcon.com .
Technical Director 

Nathan was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He discovered his passion at an early age after enrolling in an animation course at his high school, where he learned the basics of film production. Subsequently, he became Director, Lead Editor, and head of the Live Action Department at his school’s professional K9 studio.

His work on animated short films and music videos won him and his studio a number of Student Emmys.

Nathan has worked in other film studios, most notably Burn Films (BBB), where he took on such roles as Director of Photography, Editor, and Assistant Director. While at BBB, he helped produce short films, music videos, and live concert events, all of which fueled his growing love for film and photography as an artistic and intellectual medium.