LEADERSHIP CONSULTING                                                   

Leadership is at its core character and clarity of values. There are techniques, of course, but they are peripheral to leadership’s central meaning. After all, it isn’t technique that comes to mind when we think of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela. It’s passion, character and vision. Leadership is organic and develops from within. My mission is to work with leaders to explore their innate leadership capabilities through in-depth, personal interviews and team interaction.

Marshaling Our Leadership Powers​

We are the authors of our own change. The problem is we don’t always understand what needs to be changed. What is obvious to others is not necessarily obvious to ourselves. We steel ourselves against criticism because we don’t feel the truth of what others are telling us. The reason, in part, is that it is impossible to see ourselves as others see us. But if we could get a better sense on how we come across, we are more likely to make modifications. 

Observing ourselves from the outside is at the core of my executive training methodology. It begins with a private, filmed conversation about your work and life. The interview is edited to focus on core leadership attributes and principles. We then review the edited interview together, which becomes the basis for a number of further, broader discussions. Change happens gently but inexorably because it comes from within.